Is bodybuilding a sport?

Every sport, whether it's football, or this is swimming, is characterized by the fact that the goal is the records set by a person. But, and how, the man himself "> a healthy lifestyle.

Those people who are negative about bodybuilding, as usual, believe that bodybuilders are not strong athletes. If you take into account the set records, then this is true, since bodybuilders do not put any power achievements. And so, the public opinion about these athletes is not very positive. Indeed, many people believe that bodybuilders are just a bunch of muscles, and there can be no talk of sports.

And here the question arises, why bodybuilders use huge weights in training: up to 150 kilograms, and sometimes even up to 500 kilograms. Horrific figures, you tell me. I am sure that you will not tell me now that bodybuilders do not have tremendous power. These athletes do not think about how to lift more weights than an opponent. In order to understand this sport, we must plunge into the origins of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding originated in the late nineteenth century, and more precisely since 1880. Then the competition was held without rules, chaotically. The main feature by which the winner was selected was the difference in height between rivals and weight. Starting from the Olympic Games, the competitors decided to divide into two weight categories for the fairness of the results.

The 1914 Weightlifting Union adopted five weight categories: up to 60 kilograms, up to 67.5 kilograms, up to 75 kilograms, up to 82.5 kilograms, and more than 82.5 kilograms.

A little later, a few more were added to these categories: up to 50 kilograms, up to 56 kilograms, up to 90 kilograms, and more than 100 kilograms. Even later, categories up to 110 kilograms were added, and more than 110 kilograms as needed to include the genetic factor of the athletes who take part in the competition.

After all this, finally, bodybuilders began to compete fairly. Everything seemed to be getting well. But pitfalls began to appear. They demanded tremendous strength from the athlete, and as a result of this, he did not have to gain weight or build muscle.

According to the rules of the Weightlifting Association, they are allowed to move to another category. But the fact is that this can happen very rarely. This is due to the fact that in the new category for weightlifters the record level will be high. And in the new sport it is almost impossible to increase the level of personal achievements, therefore it will be much easier for weightlifters if they move to the lower level. When an athlete loses weight, it will be easier for him to go on a record and achieve it in the category with less weight.

The question immediately arises in my head: if each athlete is limited in his weight category, then where and why are the records taken ">


  • 1 Now let’s take a closer look at the athlete’s push itself.
  • 2 For bodybuilding, two things are very important: training and proper nutrition.
  • 3 In the course of classes, various kinds of errors necessarily begin to arise.
  • 4 Video “Bodybuilding Motivation”

Now let’s take a closer look at the athlete’s push itself.

The weightlifter with his strength transmits the momentum of movement to his bar and directs it up. The bar rushes up the trajectory and begins to fall down with gravity. In a few seconds, a weightlifter manages to make a technically easy, but in turn a difficult trick: get hooked under the barbell and take it to the chest. After that, the difficult part of the work comes: powerfully push it up, and keep its weight in its hands under gravity. It remains only to straighten your legs, and a record is set!

A special factor in the success of a weightlifter is his reaction to give the bar a higher departure speed. It is 1.8 m / s! Not everyone can do this. For example, if a person is physically strong, it is not a fact that he will succeed.

To achieve good results until the mid-fifties, weightlifters used the usual system of strength exercises, until there were changes in the approach to training. Now all the exercises had only to be repeated three times with maximum weights in several movements of the same type, which were excellent for achieving the greatest results in jerking and pushing. These changes were final for the athletes. Much attention was paid to the appearance of athletes.

Strength endurance - this is exactly what bodybuilding needs as it emerged from the capes of antiquity, which were characterized by a very brutal practice of war. This practice was characterized by the fact that not only the strength itself was required, but also the ability to show it for a very long time. In ancient times, some battles lasted several days. The development of bodybuilding was also promoted by karatekas. For example, Chuck Norris once studied with bodybuilder Lou Ferrigo.

In the modern world, there are both male and female bodybuilding. The first competition was held in the United States, was held in Ohio in the city of Canton. And the first winner is Rachel McLeish in 1980. Since then, a powerful boom has begun among female bodybuilding. Very prestigious is Miss Olympia.

Two things are very important for bodybuilding: training and proper nutrition.

Bodybuilders attach great importance to the shape of their muscles. The form depends on human genetics, for example, you can’t stretch short biceps in any way. But in order for your genetics to be only a plus for you, you need to perform the right exercises. As they say. And then your efforts certainly paid off. And try to change shape with steroids, this option will not work. It can even harm you. In this case, no one will change your form, but an experienced trainer can correctly put emphasis on your form, emphasize all its advantages, changing the load on each part of your muscle. One only needs to be careful about vanity. After all, as you know, it is this quality that can destroy an athlete, and bring all kinds of injuries. Naturally. I wanted to show off in front of others, but the benefits of training are directly proportional to zero.

During classes, all sorts of mistakes begin to arise

  1. It’s bad when when you press the bench, as if you are tipping the bar from the chest, this is a consequence of poor control at the point below.
  2. Movements must be performed smoothly, without any jerks. Failure to do so may result in personal injury and personal injury due to uneven weight distribution.
  3. When working with weights, it is very important to observe every second of exercise.
  4. Your legs and arms should do the exercises symmetrically in comparison with each other.
  5. When you work on your back, never slouch, otherwise it will lead to spinal injuries.

Everyone had errors and will be, but the main thing is to overcome them. It is much better to go slowly, but surely, than to chase everything and not achieve anything.

Intensive and hardy workouts require recovery and high-quality muscle building after yourself, so bodybuilders are simply obliged to observe special nutrition.

Ordinary people eat three times a day. Bodybuilders eat five to seven times a day, literally every three hours. This is good because in this way they increase the level of metabolism. Often, bodybuilders can be seen with small dishes with food, this serves to reduce eating disorders.

For bodybuilders, a very important ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Protein is an indispensable material for the body, it is the only building material that the body needs to recover from training and to build muscle. Athletes, as everyone knows, need more protein than ordinary people. A bodybuilder needs to eat two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. High-quality protein is found in poultry, fish, chicken eggs, and turkey.

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