Lack of weight is as life threatening as obesity.

According to a recent study in the United States, people with underweight are at risk of premature death along with those who are obese.

Among other factors, life expectancy is also affected by such an aspect as lack of weight within normal limits. This applies to any human age: from developing embryos to adults. According to scientists, weight loss and premature death are interconnected, even if you do not take into account such moments as alcohol, smoking, pulmonary diseases and other chronic ailments.

Dr. Ray revealed a correlation between Body Mass Index (BMI) and deaths for a variety of reasons, including stillborn babies in Ontario. For his meta-analysis, he used data from 51 cases.

As a result, the following patterns were found: in adults (with a weight deficit) whose BMI is in the range of 18, 5 and less, the risk of sudden death is much higher than in people with a normal BMI, i.e. 18, 5 -24, 9.

People with obesity and a BMI of 30 to 34, 9 are at a risk of 1, 2 times more, and those who suffer from extreme obesity and have a BMI of 35 or more - by 1, 3 times.

Scientists will need 5 years or more to conduct the necessary observations of those who take part in the study, gradually screening out participants with weight gain acquired as a result of certain diseases.

Lack of weight can occur for the following reasons: constant stress followed by loss of appetite, deliberate or forced malnutrition, drug addiction, frequent drinking, and smoking.

Dr. Ray explained that BMI also shows muscle mass in addition to fat mass. In connection with this factor, healthcare institutions and wellness programs using these indicators should adhere to the understanding that a person who is in good health has normal proportions of muscles, fat and bones in the body. According to the ironic remark of Dr. Ray, when only fat surpluses become the focus of attention, instead of BMI, measures of waist volume should be measured.

In addition, the doctor does not agree with the position of society to get rid of only the problem of obesity. Underweight is the same disease, and spreads imperceptibly, but quickly. To prevent the sad consequences, it is necessary to use verified measurement tools that will help stop the occurrence of frequent cases of fat mass atrophy in adults and embryos with only the appearance of a normal weight.

The results of the study were published on the pages of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health in agreement with the project manager Dr. Joel Ray, research physician at St. Michael's Hospital and the Lee Ka Shing Hospital Knowledge Institute.