How to pump your ass at home quickly and correctly: a training program

Beautiful priests always attract male attention. To make your butt beautiful and fit, you need regular workouts with moderate loads. This is the only way to achieve the desired result.

Those who want to pump up the ass in 2-3 weeks, or even in a few days, you yourself understand that you will not be able to get a stunning result. The maximum that can be achieved is to bring the muscles of the priests into tone. If you want to become the owner of the Brazilian ass, then tune in to regular hard training.


  • 1 Principles of training
  • 2 Best Exercises
    • 2.1 1 - Sky Bridge
    • 2.2 2 - Bending tree
    • 2.3 3 - Staircase
    • 2.4 4 - Squats into the abyss
    • 2.5 5 - Sky Squats
  • 3 Fast results in a few weeks
    • 3.1 10 minutes for the buttocks

Training principles

If you have seriously decided to get down to business and plan to play sports regularly, then for best results in “ beautiful priests ” you need to engage in less than 3 times a week for 8-15 minutes.

You also need to add aerobic exercise - twice a week for an hour. You can run, jump rope, swim or skate. Any active sports are suitable.

Do not give yourself concessions! Having made a concession only once, you run the risk of completely abandoning classes in a month. For you to develop the habit of practicing, it takes about 30 days.

To make home classes more efficient, select the time that is most convenient for you. Do not play sports in a bathrobe - change into a training form, and after class take a contrast shower, take it seriously.

Performing each exercise, start with 15-20 repetitions. Start increasing the number of repetitions by 5-10 per week, until you can perform 100 repetitions. If the exercise is performed very easily, then dumbbells can be used to weight. If there are no dumbbells at hand, draw water into plastic bottles and work with them. Weight must also be increased gradually.

Best exercises

We have prepared the best exercises that will give results in the shortest possible time. All you need is a sturdy chair and a desire to improve your ass. These simple exercises will allow you to pump up and increase your ass, get rid of excess fat in the buttocks and hips, as well as bring the muscles in good shape.

1 - Sky Bridge

Involved: buttocks, lower back, back of the thigh.

Lie down on your back. Stretch your legs and put your heels on the chair seat. Hands on the sides, palms down. Lift your right leg vertically up. Slowly tear your hips off the floor. Lift the buttocks until the body takes a straight line from the left heel to the shoulders. Do 20 reps while keeping your right foot elevated. Then change legs and repeat the exercise with the left foot.

2 - Bending tree

Involved: thighs, calves, buttocks.

Stand on tiptoe a few centimeters behind the chair. Bring your legs together, put your hands on the back of a chair. Keeping your back straight, bend your left leg at the knee. Take your leg to the side 90 degrees.

3 - Staircase

Involved: buttocks, hips, quadriceps, calves.

Stand opposite the chair, feet shoulder width apart, arms on the lower back. Place your right foot on the seat, lift and bend your left foot 90 degrees, as if you want to put it on the back of a chair. Hold this position for a while. Lower your left foot back to the floor, then lower your right foot and pull it back, making a lunge. Hold this position for a short while and repeat the movement.

4 - Squats in the abyss

Involved: thighs, buttocks, quadriceps.

Stand half a meter from the chair with your back to it. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the waist. Take your left foot back and place your upper foot on the seat. Start your squats by bending your right leg and bringing your left knee closer to the floor. Straighten your right leg. Do 15 reps, change your foot position and repeat the exercise.

5 - Sky Squats

Involved: buttocks, quadriceps, calves, back of the thigh.

Legs shoulder width apart, arms on either side. Squat slowly (count to 4 when lowering). From the lower position, stand on your toes and stretch your arms up.

These 5 volumetric and high-quality exercises will allow you to effectively work out the gluteal muscles and quickly achieve a visible result.

Fast results in a few weeks

The key to success of express training is the simplicity of exercises and the number of approaches. This complex must be performed daily twice a day. The best time for classes is before breakfast and before dinner.

You only need to checkmate. At the first stage, do 15 repetitions on each leg. Increase the number of repetitions every day. The result will delight you in 10 days.

1 - Stand on all fours. Keeping your back straight, bend your right leg at the knee and take it to the side. Take a kick with your right foot to the side, then bend the knee to its original position. Perform 15 reps and change legs.

2 - Legs together, arms along the body. Bend your right knee and move your right leg to the side. Take your right hand to the side, raise your left hand above your head. Without changing the position of the hands, lean forward slightly and move your right foot back. Straighten and return to the starting position.

3 - Legs together, knees slightly bent. Put your hands on your left thigh and tear your right heel off the floor. Take your right foot to the side, touch the toe of the floor and return to the starting position. Perform 15 reps and change legs.

4 - Stand, heels together, toes apart at 45 degrees, hands on hips. Bend your knees slightly, then immediately stand on tiptoe. Hold for five seconds.

5 - Lie on your back, legs together, hands along the body with palms down. Lift your straight legs up and spread them apart. Hold this position. Bend your knees and connect the feet.

This complex will allow you to achieve an effective result in just 10-15 minutes of free time.

10 minutes for buttocks