Sports drinks to increase speed and improve the quality of body recovery after training are called isotonic. The composition of such cocktails includes five main components - salt, water, sugar, minerals, vitamins. Isotonics are not abundant in sugar and salt. The concentration of substances in the drink does not exceed the content of these elements in the human body. These supplements can be bought ready-made, but there are proven recipes that allow you to cook homemade isotonic.

Long intense loads are always sweat, along with which the most important and valuable micronutrients, minerals, vitamins leave the body, which becomes the main cause of loss of stamina and motivation, as well as fatigue, general breakdown. Isotonics help athletes make the training process more efficient and productive, increase endurance, recover much more quickly after lengthy and grueling exercises. Athletes, as a rule, drink isotonics when they perform trainings that require maximum dedication - a huge expenditure of energy. Drinks are useful not only during strength, but also aerobic training.

The composition of the isotonic

Carbohydrates, which the body receives from the use of isotonic, are contained in the drink in the form of regular sugar. Its amount most often is about 5-8%. This is quite enough to replenish energy reserves. Along with carbohydrates, the drink must have calcium with magnesium and potassium. Some components of the product are variable and depend on the manufacturer.

Supplements may contain amino acids, various minerals, and vitamins. In most isotonics, L-carnitine is present, which not only makes the athlete more resilient, but also activates lipolysis - fat burning. Among these products can be noted Mineral Booster, manufactured by Power System. The company also produces another popular isotonic called Isotonic Energy Drink. This product, by the way, is one of the most popular and popular among other analogues.

Isotonic Research

The effect of sports supplement has been studied by Scottish scientists. The focus group was attended by adolescents, and the results showed that young people taking the drink increased their endurance by 24%, that is, they were able to do much longer, and, therefore, more productively. This experiment proved the effectiveness of the drink. For this study, we took isotonic, consisting of 6% carbohydrates, sugar and electrolytes.

Not all scientists are positive about energy sources like this kind. There are those who consider isotonics to be completely ineffective. Salt, which, as Australian scientists have found out, can provoke the development of various gastrointestinal problems and even bouts of seizures, can negatively affect the state of health. The skeptics call another argument the lack of an extensive evidence-based scientific base, since there are not so many studies on the effect of isotonics on the effectiveness of training.

The lack of an unequivocal opinion regarding a sports drink did not affect the popularity of this type of supplement. High demand and feedback from athletes show that they are quite effective. Isotonics, as noted by athletes, increase endurance, give higher motivation and concentration during training. It should be noted that it is most advisable to take a drink at the stage of gaining mass or when performing endurance classes. For athletes who want to lose the maximum amount of body fat, it is better to give preference to ordinary drinking water, in which there is no sugar and calories, since isotonics have both.

Isotonic recipes at home

Many athletes want to know how to make a sports drink at home, so as not to overpay the manufacturers for the beautifully made packaging and brand. The most popular options for obtaining homemade isotonic among bodybuilders are the following:

  • Option 1 - It is necessary to mix 0.5 l of ordinary water and 0.5 l of natural fruit juice from fresh oranges, apples or pineapples. The resulting drink is recommended to be refrigerated for a couple of hours.
  • Option 2 - Mix 50 g of sugar, 1/16 teaspoon of salt (pinch), 0.2 l of fruit concentrate and 1 l of water. Isotonic cool and take in small sips throughout the workout.
  • Option 3 - Mix 0.2 l of fruit concentrate with 0.8 l of water and a pinch of salt. Put the drink in the refrigerator for several hours.

No difficulties in making a drink with your own hands. In addition, this isotonic is much cheaper than from well-known brands.