Chicken wings - how many calories and are they harmful?

Chicken wings - a delicious dish, which is one of the most popular fast food restaurants among visitors. However, nutritionists say that it is the wings that are the most harmful part of the chicken. Can I use this dish ">


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Calorie Chicken

Many people mistakenly believe that chicken breast contains almost no calories and can be safely consumed even by those who are on a strict diet. However, the calorie content of different parts of the chicken is practically no different. A 100 gram breast contains 110 kilocalories (without skin) and 170 with skin. The leg contains 120 kilocalories without skin and 161 with skin. Legs are more caloric: for 100 grams of leg without skin there are 120 kilocalories without skin and almost 190 with skin.

Chicken skin

Skin is one of the most high-calorie parts of chicken. This is not surprising: almost 30% of the skin consists of fat. It is fat that accounts for most of the calories contained in chicken.

One gram of animal fat is twice as high in calories as protein or carbohydrate. Since the body does not feel a great need for fats, most of them go into the body’s reserves, that is, it is stored in the form of subcutaneous fat.

Chicken wings

One chicken wing contains about 125 calories without skin and 240 with skin. At the same time, there is very little meat in each wing: about 7-8 grams.

If the wings were fried in oil, they become 30 calories calorie. Seasonings, sauces and breading also add calories. Naturally, such a dish can not be called a diet.

How are the wings prepared "> How many calories are there in KFC wings?

Six wings, which can be bought at the KFC fast food restaurant, contain 450 kilocalories, 30 grams of fat, which is 50% of the daily norm, as well as half the daily norm of sodium chloride and 23 grams of protein and carbohydrates.

You can buy chicken wings at the McDonald's restaurant. In this institution, the marinade is used sweeter than in KFC: the calorie content of the wings due to this is 640 kilocalories per 4 pieces. You also need to add about 50 kilocalories, which is contained in the sauce served with wings. Naturally, it is advisable for people who are on a diet and watch their figure to abandon chicken wings once and for all.

Chicken wings are one of the most high-calorie pieces of chicken. Also a huge contribution to the calorie content of the dish is made by the method of its preparation: breading and various sauces. A small portion can contain almost a third of the daily calorie intake. Therefore, it is advisable to abandon chicken wings despite the fact that they have a pleasant taste.