Weight Loss with Bodybuilding

Repeated studies have shown that during physical exertion a person exhales many times more oxygen. It is also known that along with oxygen, calories also leave us. With one liter of exhaled oxygen, on average, about 5 calories are burned.

On average, a training person trains with an intensity of two-thirds of the component. It follows that his energy consumption will be 8 - 10 calories per minute, and for a half-hour training, he will burn no more than 400 calories .

Fortunately, after training, active calorie burning takes another 12 hours .

After training for the above time, you can burn half less energy than during training, namely the same 400 calories, but in an hour.

After training, the result depends on your calculation during it. If you trained without straining at all, then your body will not even perceive kA fats as a source of high calorie content, which means that it will not burn them. But if during training you did everything that is really within your power, then the body utilizes fats 3 times more than usual.

Intensive training also has a number of other advantages, for example, after burning fat, some of the released energy goes to the physiologically “ useless ”, but the vital form of energy is warm!

Intensive training, in addition to all of the above, is the only and very well-known way to build muscle.

As a result, those who want to lose weight need to remember that you should make friends with sports forever, since temporary excessive ones can only lead to a temporary result.

After a considerable period of time, you will regulate your energy exchange so well that you can, eat, whatever you want.