Sean Ray


  • Height: 170 cm
  • Competitive weight: 98 kg


Sean Ray - a famous bodybuilder who was called a genetic miracle, Sean Ray was born on September 9 in the town of Fullerton, California, USA. He was the eighth child in the family.

After Sean Ray went to college, he began to engage in the gym. Over the years of his career, Sean Ray has participated in the tournament Mr. Olympia thirteen times.


Sean won his first victory in 1983, when he first performed at the youth competitions in Los Angeles. After this victory, Sean Ray's career rapidly went up, gaining momentum. In 1984, he received the title of " Mr. Los Angeles ", in 1985 he participates in a series of youth tournaments and receives the titles " Mr. World " and Mr. " America ". And finally, in 1988, just 8 years after his first victory, he became a professional bodybuilder. Throughout his career, Sean Ray took part in more than thirty well-known competitions and tournaments, and only once, he was not able to enter the top five.

In addition to bodybuilding, Sean Ray was interested in boxing, basketball, gymnastics. Sean's area of ​​interest included various charitable contributions and promotions.

It is worth noting that once Sean Ray was convicted of using illegal drugs. This happened at the Arnold Classic tournament, the organizers of which decided to conduct a doping test. However, this did not stop Sean from winning this tournament the following year, having successfully passed the doping tests.

One of the biggest accomplishments of bodybuilder Sean Ray was the fact that out of thirteen appearances at the Mr. Olympia tournament, he was in the top five twelve times.

In 2001, the athlete left the big sport, but bodybuilding remained forever in the sphere of his interests. In addition to his new work, Sean Ray wrote several books, tried his acting skills in several films, one of which was autobiographical.

After completing his sports career, Sean Ray began to arrange a family life. After marriage, he became the father of two children. Now Sean is improving his culinary skills in Japanese cuisine, listening to the music of Marai Carey, Aerosmith, Andrei Bocelli, playing basketball, tennis.