Dennis james

Dennis James was born on May 31, 1969 in Heidelberg, Germany. As a child in Germany, he was fond of football. And a very long time doing this sport. There were times when the future bodybuilder associated his life exclusively with football, so he was always pursued by a desire for a career as a football player.

But it so happened that once he got into the gym, where he really enjoyed spending time. Huge guys and big weights impressed young Denis so much that football was soon over. Soon, the guy was seriously fired up by bodybuilding and began to gruelingly train. In one of his interviews, James said that if he had not been fascinated by bodybuilding, he would certainly have become a German football star.


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Anthropometric data

  • Height: 173 cm
  • Competitive weight: 117 kg
  • Off-season weight: 134 kg


He quickly burst into the world of professional bodybuilding, in just a few years he was able to reach the podium of “ Mr. Olympia ”, which other athletes take decades. For the first time, Dennis took part in Olimpia in 2000, where he was awarded 11th place, and only three years later he was able to rise to fourth place. Dennis is currently one of the most powerful bodybuilders in the world. In the Thai city of Pattaya, James has his own Universe Jim gym, so he can bring down his weighty guns as much as he wants, no one even says a word about this.


Dennis has his own secret of training, which he calls " split training ." The basic principle of this concept is as follows: for one workout, you can work out only one muscle well, so you should do it twice a day. Training lasts about half an hour. The first lesson should be held in the morning, and the second is closer to evening, for example, after work. For example, if you consider the hands, it is impossible to pump biceps and triceps at the same time within the same session or combining with large groups of other muscles. This concept is suitable for all lovers who want to increase the mass as quickly as possible. But this training plan involves a certain selection of exercises - only simple movements that are performed in a brute-force style using the “pyramid” method will do. The rest of the sets need to be forgotten. The main thing is to focus on the mass.


Among the highest achievements of Dennis James in the world of professional bodybuilding, one can single out a victory at the 2000 US amateur championship, 4th place at the Arnold Classic 2000 competitions, 11th place at the Mr. Olympia 2000 international competition, 3- 1st place at Arnold Classic 2001, 7th place at Mr. Olympia 2001, 4th place at Mr. Olympia 2003 . In 2009, Dennis demonstrated a winning march by taking first place at the Europe Super Show professional bodybuilding tournament in Dallas, Texas, immediately after an absolute victory at Tampa Pro 2009. In total, Dennis James participated in the world's largest bodybuilding competitions, including the famous "Mr. Olympia", more than 20 times.

Dennis james now

Dennis James is now the owner of a fitness center, is actively training professional athletes, closely monitors the world of bodybuilding, and is almost always present at serious competitions as a coach and spectator.

Dennis James - Video