12 best physiques in WWE history

Many of our contemporaries are convinced that everything in professional wrestling, without exception, is fake, and the sport itself is a colorful theatrical show. Whether this is true or not is a moot point, however, it is unlikely that anyone will object to the assertion that the athletes' pumped up bodies and their excellent physical shape are real, without the slightest hint of falsehood.

At all times of its existence, wrestling was one of those types of martial arts, in which the most diverse athletes from various sports gather. These are former weightlifters and powerlifters, wrestlers and karatekas, as well as athletes who preach power extreme. They all began to engage in wrestling in order to glorify themselves, to make competitions as popular as possible and to deliver a huge amount of thrill to the audience. The reason for each of them to go into wrestling is purely individual, but they are united by the need to obey the uniform rules that are required of them during fights in the ring.

Employees of the portal MAX-BODY.RU made a comparative description of the physique of the most prominent representatives of professional wrestling and provide this rating to the court of fans of this sport. This was caused not by simple curiosity, but by the goal that natural scientists usually set themselves when analyzing the characteristics of various objects and objects in order to acquire valuable experience that will be successfully used in the future for the benefit of people. So, closer to the point. We turn to the consideration of the most spectacular and the best physiques of modern wrestling representatives.


  • 1 12 position. Superstar Billy Graham
  • 2 11 position. Scott Steiner
  • 3 10 position. Hulk Hogan
  • 4 9 position. Brock Lesnar
  • 5 8 position. Batista
  • 6 7 position. David otunga
  • 7 6 position. The ultimate warrior
  • 8 5 position. Goldberg
  • 9 4 position. Triple h
  • 10 3 position. Rick Wood
  • 11 1 position. Rock
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12 position. Superstar Billy Graham

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'4 "

Athlete declared weight: 275 pounds.

He was classified as an athlete who can arouse envy in men and ardent desire in women. He was considered a man of his time, he possessed tremendous popularity. These are just some of Graham’s frank assessments, sounding in numerous interviews after bright victories in the hardest battles. His behavior in front of the camera is still considered a classic example of the behavior of athletes in the ring, many athletes who came to wrestling after him take an example from this famous person. Famous light-colored hair in combination with Graham's beard became the hallmark of many wrestlers who spoke later, including Scott Steiner, Jesse Ventura, Hulk Hogan. Many athletes sought to imitate the physique of Graham, who, at one time, was engaged in amateur bodybuilding and conducted joint training with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California Gold Jim. Once an athlete managed to squeeze 600 pounds of weight, which was officially registered. This event for many years was a record for athletes with a powerful physique, dominating the arenas in the 80s of the last century. Currently, such a torso in wrestling is called the physique of a “superstar”.

11 position. Scott Steiner

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'1 "

Athlete declared weight: 276 pounds.

One can hardly imagine that Scott, nicknamed “Big Bad Booty Daddy, ” will someday be forgotten. An athlete, one of the most gifted representatives of wrestling, having one of the strangest physiques in the world, will remain in the memory of fans of this variety of martial arts forever. Even during his speeches for the college team (Steiner studied at one of the universities of Michigan), the athlete had Frankensteiner's trademark jump, which implies grasping the opponent’s neck in a jump. This trick is deservedly considered the most impressive technical element ever present in the ring. After many years, Scott Steiner rediscovered himself in this area. He was constantly improving his physique, creating it in a more and more massive form.

10 position. Hulk Hogan

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'7 "

Athlete declared weight: 303 lbs.

Hulk Hogan is such a popular personality that many people who do not know anything about the fight know the athlete very well. Perhaps the Hulk is the most popular person on the list of sports entertainment, and he owes this to his powerful, noticeable and memorable athletic figure. The celebrated “24-inch pythons” of Hulk Hogan, together with constant promises to pray, consume vitamins and train seriously, made many of his young fans go to gyms long before the time when athletic training became a massive hobby.

9 position. Brock Lesnar

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'3 ”

Athlete declared weight: 286 pounds.

When it comes to the need to punish opponents in the ring, it is impossible to stop the athletically built Brock Lesnar. After ending his career at the NCAA Division I, Brock turned his eyes to the UFC and WWE, and the athlete’s diverse skills acquired in various sports contributed to one of the most formidable physique in the world of wrestling. After returning to the ring in 2012, Brock Lesnar is still powerful and constantly improves his physique.

8 position. Batista

Athlete Announced Height: 6'6 ”

Athlete declared weight: 290 pounds.

Dave Batista appeared at the WWE arenas at the same time with such famous athletes as Randy Orton and John Cena. In the athlete’s career, there was a period when he had to leave the ring due to numerous injuries, however, after a triumphant return in 2003, Batista was able to achieve a very high level of skill among heavyweight fighters. Subsequently, the athlete again left the world of wrestling in order to devote himself to Thai boxing, taekwondo and the wand art of potassium. Practicing these types of martial arts made the athlete’s body drier. In 2014, Batista made another coming to the WWE world.

7 position. David otunga

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'0 ”

Athlete declared weight: 229 pounds.

It is not worth discussing the fact that David Otung has a law degree obtained after graduating from Harvard, as the athlete gained wide popularity not because of his education, but because of his accurate and functional figure among his colleagues in the ring. Undoubtedly, the Tag Team title holder trained long and hard after graduating from a higher educational institution, which allowed him to transform his body into an ideal fighting vehicle.

6 position. The ultimate warrior

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'2 ”

Athlete declared weight: 280 pounds.

The career of Ultimate Warrior was not long, but the fighter left a bright mark among all the famous superstars Pro Wrestling. He was distinguished by a unique military face painting, his reckless interviews and impressive victories over the Hulk Hogan and Deboshir were significant events. The athlete's physique can be called the true legacy of the greatest wrestling fighters. The dry and maximally embossed Warrior became the founder of a new standard for fighters who want to represent their own body muscles as their business card.

5 position. Goldberg

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'4 "

Athlete declared weight: 285 pounds.

A former project participant called Atlanta Falcons celebrated his WCW debut with 173 consecutive wins, which is quite an impressive amount even for sports, the results of martial arts of which can be considered somewhat predetermined. Goldberg’s famous phrase "Who is next"> 4th position. Triple H

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'4 "

Athlete declared weight: 255 pounds.

Helmsley was considered the mascot of the rebel Gen X'ers ​​throughout the 90s of the twentieth century. Athlete's physique grew along with his fame. Triple H is currently married to Stephanie, the daughter of WWE Chairman-in-Office Vince McMahon, and is actively involved in managing the company's affairs outside the fighting arena.

3 position. Rick Wood

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'3 ”

Athlete declared weight: 252 lbs.

Until now, no one has been able to charm an audience like The Ravishing one did. Rick Wood’s manner of conducting the start of the fight, when he picked up a microphone and demanded that the audience stop the noise at the moment of his further undressing and demonstration of the fact that he is a real, sexy man, will forever remain in the hearts of his many fans. The relief of the athlete's press was considered ideal, and his hips are considered to be the standard for both wrestlers and visual athletes - bodybuilders.

2 position. John Cena.

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'1 "

Athlete declared weight: 251 lbs.

After Scala headed to Hollywood studios and Steve Austin resigned, many fans were worried about the question "Who will be the main thing in the wrestling arenas of the 2000s">

1 position. Rock

Athlete Announced Growth: 6'5 ”

Athlete declared weight: 260 pounds.

Skala is known for its excellent business qualities that are manifested in business, as well as the ability to sharpen, which among other famous representatives of wrestling is considered unsurpassed. It was he who was the first in the field of sports entertainment to introduce to the general public the phrases “Jabroni”, “roody poo” and “know your place”, which later became winged, emphasizing the severe character of the tough guy. However, the body of the Rock or Dwayne Johnson also did not pass spectator attention. The athlete was large and agile than he owed to his father, the famous wrestler Rocky Johnson. Experts believe that Rocky’s physique was far ahead of his era, and Scala’s own grandfather, nicknamed Chef, together with another wrestler and wrestler raised the famous Sean Conery in an episode of the James Bond movie called “You Only Live Twice”.

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