What is bodybuilding

Bodybuilding or bodybuilding is the process of transforming the body through physical training. In a literal translation from English, the word " bodybuilding " is " bodybuilding ", that is, continuous work on the development of strength, endurance and muscle building. Bodybuilders are much more serious about bodybuilding. The construction of a beautiful and sculptured body for them is a special ideology and the maintenance of a certain lifestyle.

Bodybuilders or bodybuilders are called constantly performing exercises with various types of weighting athletes. They believe that bodybuilding is a whole philosophy of life, and not just sports discipline. Vivid evidence of these words are millions of people who are engaged in bodybuilding. The number of professionals participating in competitions is much smaller, but this does not affect the popularity of sports.


  • 1 General information
  • 2 Bodybuilding History
  • 3 Types of Bodybuilding
    • 3.1 Natural
    • 3.2 Classic
    • 3.3 Female
    • 3.4 Beach
  • 4 The benefits and harms of bodybuilding

general information

To build an ideal body, it is necessary to completely revise the general routine of life, include in it:

  • strength physical training with lifting weights, classes on simulators;
  • a diet with a high energy value, suggesting an increase in carbohydrate and protein-rich foods;
  • the use of proteins and gainers;
  • taking excess diuretics, hormones, fat burners, steroids, anti-catabolics that remove excess fluid when necessary.

The basis of strength training is muscle hypertrophy, getting rid of fatty deposits, creating a muscle relief with a pronounced venous pattern. To achieve this, the training program includes such types of aerobic exercise, such as exercise on a stationary bike, swimming, running. This allows you to achieve harmony and aesthetics in building a beautiful body. Athletes who do this in this way are people who are distinguished by their strength of mind and who persistently strive to achieve the goal.

If in powerlifting and weightlifting special attention is paid to how much weight an athlete can take, then in bodybuilding this aspect is not so important. Of primary importance to bodybuilders are indicators of strength and endurance. They directly affect the productivity of classes.

Professionals participating in bodybuilding competitions pose as part of speeches that assess the overall level of physical development, volume, symmetry and aesthetics. Participants take both mandatory and arbitrary poses. The first place is won by that bodybuilder who has the most perfect body.

Young men and adolescents who decide to devote themselves to this discipline are interested in how much you can start bodybuilding. Specialists in the field of medicine are of the opinion that starting strength training should begin at eighteen. At this age, the hormonal background is already stable, the musculoskeletal system is almost complete to form.

Bodybuilding history

The desire for spiritual and physical perfection was inherent in man at all times. The sculptures of ancient times are an excellent confirmation of the harmonious development of the body. The beginning of the birth of bodybuilding in the form that is known to modern man began in the late nineteenth century.

The siloviki and weightlifters of those times were very different from the modern bodybuilders. They looked more like members of a beer lovers club. Some of them, having decided not to focus only on strength training, began to work on building a harmoniously developed body. Among them was Evgeny Sandov. This athlete is considered the ancestor of bodybuilding.

It was he who organized the very first bodybuilding contest in 1901, and later created a training program aimed at increasing the volume and increasing the strength of muscles. He was deservedly considered the strongest. Sandow's chest held the weight of the platform with three horses. With his hand, he could lift the barbell with two adults. Those who won the contest “Mr. Olympia” are awarded with his bronze profile.

Bodybuilding reached its climax in the second half of the last century. The comic book characters released in the fifties and sixties have a clearly defined muscle relief. Hollywood directors began to call bodybuilders to act in films.

Steve Reeves became the first significant film actor, bodybuilder of those years. The role of Heracles brought him fame. In the seventies, popularity and recognition among the audience won Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became Mr. Olympia several times. His mass and muscle volume far exceeded bodybuilders before him. He made an invaluable contribution to the popularization of bodybuilding.

The modern bodybuilding industry is designed in such a way that the athletes who win the qualification competitions are considered professionals. Such bodybuilders receive a special card, the issuance of which is supervised by the International Federation of Bodybuilding. This document allows you to take part in the competition “Champions Night” or “Arnold Classic”.

The most significant competition for bodybuilders is Mr. Olympia, held since September 1965. He is overseen by the International Bodybuilding Federation. The first time it was held in New York, but since 1998, with enviable constant Providence in Las Vegas. An analogue of the competition exists for women who are professionally interested in bodybuilding. It runs in parallel, and its winner becomes Miss Olympia.

Over the history of this championship, 13 people became winners. The record holder is Ronnie Coleman from the USA, who won the main prize eight times, followed by American Lee Haney and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played for Austria, who were awarded seven times each.


Bodybuilding is divided into many types, but the most widespread are several areas.


This is the process of pumping up muscles and building a beautiful relief body without taking any steroid drugs that help accelerate anabolic processes. Especially this type of bodybuilding was popular in the nineties of the last century.

Supporters of natural bodybuilding urge athletes to completely abandon steroids, doping, and other muscle-stimulating drugs. The purpose of training is mainly to improve health and fitness, and not to build muscle mountains. Priority is placed on a harmoniously developed and proportional body, a healthy heart, the development of stable immunity.

There are a huge number of international organizations focused exclusively on natural bodybuilding, in which it is unacceptable to take any medications that affect muscle growth and the processes that accompany it.


A relatively new and official direction in the international association in bodybuilding. It, unlike other types of bodybuilding, is fully focused on the development of an aesthetic and harmonious physique, and not on an increase in muscle volume.

Athletes involved in the usual kind of bodybuilding, like weightlifters, must have a certain mass. Classical bodybuilding does not impose such restrictions. The bodybuilders division in this discipline is more focused on growth rather than weight.

A distinctive feature of fans of this direction is the complete absence of severe muscle hypertrophy. The main ideology of movement is that a person cannot look like a mountain of muscles, but must have an attractive aesthetically and developed body with ideal proportions and a traced relief.


There is a long time ago, but official competitions in which women were evaluated according to the standards adopted in bodybuilding began to be held only in 1978. The main goal of this type of bodybuilding is to harmoniously combine the muscles pumped in volume and the elegant female body. Attention to the muscles in the discipline is not as close as in the male. The popularity of female bodybuilding has weakened a bit. This is due to the emergence of such widespread sports as fitness.


The power direction of bodybuilding, the adherents of which do not develop excess muscle mass. Athletes engaged in this type of bodybuilding have a tightened, harmonious development of physique without excess muscle. Beach bodybuilding contests prohibit wearing swimming trunks. Participants perform exclusively in shorts, do not use oil, make-up and other attributes used by classic bodybuilders.

The benefits and harms of bodybuilding

This sports discipline has a positive effect on a person, which is expressed in an increase in muscle endurance and strength, gaining a harmoniously developed physique. Physical activity and training can improve the condition of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increase immunity. An invaluable advantage is that a person with developed muscles looks attractive in the eyes of others.

Bodybuilding is certainly useful, but only in moderation. There is a category of athletes who want to achieve quick results, overloading their body. This causes overtraining. Doctors are of the opinion that intense physical activity strengthens health with a rational approach, and exhausting training, on the contrary, is harmful. Excessively high load can damage blood vessels, heart muscle, muscles.

The risks of harming one's own body are also great with increased enthusiasm by a bodybuilder for various kinds of steroids. These drugs activate and enhance the anabolic processes that occur in the body. Being hormonal drugs, they are able to provoke a number of the following serious complications:

  • gynecomastia, i.e. chest hypertrophy, as well as testicular atrophy in representatives of the strong half of humanity;
  • masculinization, that is, “rebirth” of a woman’s body in the likeness of a man’s;
  • renal and liver failure;
  • heart attack, coronary heart disease (cardiac ischemia);
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • infertility.

These effects develop only as a result of prolonged use and an increase in the dose of hormonal drugs. Professional bodybuilders are officially forbidden to take anabolics. This does not apply to amateurs, among whom are those who want to get a quick increase in mass without much effort. Therefore, the use of doping is the main bodybuilding problem.