Weight Loss Exercises At Home

Regular exercise, of course, is beneficial for both overall well-being and appearance. People seriously seeking to have not only good health, but also a toned body, attend a gym to maintain physical fitness in excellent condition.

A constant visit to the sports complex requires a lot of time and certain monetary costs that can be saved if you start practicing at home. Having a strong desire to lose weight and maintain the achieved weight in the norm, you can exercise in the most comfortable environment for yourself, that is, right at home.

There are a huge number of effective exercises for weight loss at home, developed for many years by fitness trainers. They are effective and tested in practice, do not require any special training. The main thing is to be patient, realizing that obtaining a result takes time, review your diet, because without reducing the number of calories consumed, it is quite difficult to lose weight.


  • 1 How is the process of burning fat "> 2 The best fat burning exercises at home
    • 2.1 Burpee
    • 2.2 push ups
    • 2.3 Jumping Jack
    • 2.4 Kicking
    • 2.5 Push-ups
    • 2.6 Jumping rope
    • 2.7 Pullups
    • 2.8 Standing knees
  • 3 Exercises for building muscle at home
    • 3.1 Skaters
    • 3.2 Squats
    • 3.3 lunges
  • 4 What other workouts and exercises can I do at home?
    • 4.1 Yoga
    • 4.2 Pilates
  • 5 Daily Diet and Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss
  • 6 Conclusion

How is the fat burning process carried out?

Without theoretical knowledge and understanding of what happens in the body when the fat layer “splits” during physical activity, it is impossible to achieve a really good effect of weight loss and muscle building. Regular training, of course, allows you to get a good body, but only balanced and well-built nutrition will make it even more beautiful.

To get rid of not only extra pounds, but also of fat deposits, three important points should be taken into account:

  1. Be sure to consume fewer calories. This does not mean that you just need to calculate the energy value of products, “throwing out” any food from your usual menu in order to reduce calorie content. It is necessary to get rid of precisely those products that have an excessively high energy value. The daily diet should be calculated on the number of calories completely processed by the body, as the excess often turns into fat.
  2. Monitor insulin levels. Insulin is needed to transport glucose derived from food to muscle cells to replenish glycogen stores. The latter substance plays a significant role in the recovery process after each training session. Lack of control over the degree of increase in insulin can cause an increase in body weight. And in order not to get the opposite effect, you need to eat carbohydrates only at the right time and time that is right for such a meal.
  3. Train exclusively on a regular basis. You can not lose weight when you resort to exercise from time to time. Of course, the best way to control the frequency of classes is to visit the gym, but even by virtue of employment, there are many fat-burning programs that can be successfully performed at home. The main thing is to be able to control yourself, not to come up with excuses for your own laziness.

If you follow these three rules, then the results will not be long in coming, and all efforts will be fully justified.

The best fat burning exercises at home

The following seven exercises are a powerful tool in the fight against extra pounds, great for doing at home those who want to become slim.


The exercise was designed specifically to engage the muscles of the core, legs, and upper body. The study of several muscle groups at once makes the burpie quite difficult and difficult to perform, but the fat burning effect achieved with it completely justifies the efforts that are made.

Burpe is performed as follows:

  • legs, standing, spread shoulder-width apart and crouch;
  • lingering in the adopted position, touch the floor with both hands;
  • jump backwards and lower the chest;
  • raise their chest and jump forward with their feet;
  • return to the squat position;
  • rise to their feet, make a leap upwards so that their arms are raised towards the ceiling.

Push ups

They are part of absolutely any training program, regardless of the set goals, which is easily explained by the peculiarity of the exercise itself. Push-ups include all the muscles of the body, allow you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty of execution.

Do push-ups as follows:

  • hands rest on the floor, taking the position of the bar;
  • toes are on the floor;
  • lower the body so that it completely forms a straight line;
  • exhale and return to the starting position.

Repeat push-ups from 10 to 20 times. The number of repetitions depends on the level of your own training.

Jumping jack

When there are no difficulties with performing burpies and push-ups, you should definitely make jumps, which are a fairly simple cardio exercise. They burn calories very well, can be done at home.

Running Jumping Jack:

  • legs are shoulder width apart;
  • start to jump and move their arms up and down;
  • hand movements should be waving.


A beautiful rhythmic exercise that requires only one minute to complete. It is specifically designed to work out the press and inner thighs.

Performing Spins:

  • standing straight, hands are laid on the back of the head, the leg is raised and bent at a right angle, rotated in a circle for about 15 seconds;
  • further, they make a similar movement, but on the other foot.

In total, 2 approaches are obtained for each leg.

Upside down

It is aimed at strengthening the middle delta and triceps. The main advantage of such push-ups is that there is no need to use additional equipment.


  • become as for simple push-ups, but they approach the hands with the feet;
  • slowly raise the hips to form an inverted Latin "V";
  • hands bend at the elbows, making sure that the head touches the surface of the floor;
  • return to the starting position.

These push ups do one minute.

Rope jumping

Simple and easy exercise, perfect for both men and women. The main thing is to have a rope. You need to jump on a skipping rope for about half a minute. If the level of training allows, first choose a normal pace, and then increase the intensity. Forcing a good sweat, such jumps help to lose weight perfectly.


A wonderful and fairly effective exercise that affects literally every muscle in the human body. There are many variations of its implementation. To work out the shoulder girdle and back, you should take the crossbar with your hands, pulling yourself up to the crossbar with the chin. Going down repeat the same thing. Biceps can also be worked out when pulling up while lying down.

Standing knees

This great abs exercise will complete your workout perfectly. It is better for beginners to do it at the very beginning of their home training.

Exercises for building muscle at home

Along with losing weight, many people also want to get a decent increase in lean, that is, muscle-free fat. This goal can be achieved without visiting the gym. Exercises to get an attractive and sculpted body also allow you to burn calories, but this effect is secondary, since the main emphasis is on increasing muscle, and calorie consumption is significantly increased even when a person is at rest.


Movement from one side to the other, as well as forward and backward, can strengthen the muscles of the hips. Similar squats on the left and right side should be done 40 seconds, and then proceed to step on the step. Do skaters need at least 40 seconds.


Excellent adaptive exercise for individual characteristics of preparation. It can be simplified and complicated.


  • standing with legs shoulder-width apart;
  • hands are located along the body, in front or on the back of the head;
  • move back, lower the hips and buttocks.

The back is held straight with a slight deflection in the lumbar region.


Be sure to be performed by those who want to have beautiful and elastic hips:

  • take a standing position;
  • take a step forward;
  • the knees are bent at a right angle, the ankles with shoulders should be above the hips;
  • fall down;
  • return to the initial position, repeat the same movements, but on the other leg.

The number of approaches is 3-10, increases as you prepare for a larger load.

What other workouts and exercises can I do at home?> Yoga

Looking at people practicing yoga, there may be a false impression that doing it is quite simple, since there are minimal movements, when compared with other types of physical exercises. Behind the seeming lightness lies a huge "work" that allows you to burn many calories. Yoga is great for doing exercises at home, it consists of meditations, breathing control, taking various postures that relieve body fat.


It is a mistake to believe that Pilates can only be practiced in the gym. It is enough to have a rug and video recording of the basic basics, if this technique is new. Pilates has many exercises to strengthen the core muscles. After just a few lessons, you feel that the body is becoming much stronger than before. Some may even improve muscle texture, increase flexibility. In addition, with regular Pilates exercises, posture becomes better.

Daily diet and dietary supplements for weight loss

Optimum results in weight loss are achieved when regular training is accompanied by the observance of a proper diet, and in some cases, the use of special nutritional supplements.

To achieve a good effect in losing weight in a relatively short period of time, you must:

  • Eliminate foods high in oils, sugar, and fats, replacing them with a healthier alternative . Instead of fast foods, you should eat vegetables with fruits. A healthy and proper food gives the body absolutely all the nutrients necessary for a person.
  • Drink plenty of clean water . To maintain water balance, since during exercise moisture comes out with copious sweat, you must definitely drink water.
  • Refrain from alcohol . It contributes to the accumulation of body fat.
  • Eat protein-rich foods . Protein is an essential element for the "building" of the body. And since playing sports is a kind of "bodybuilding", this substance is necessary for the growth and restoration of muscle fibers. In addition, protein is directly involved in the process of controlling your own weight.
  • Take special supplements for weight loss. Fat burners, if the goal in weight loss requires immediate action, can quickly achieve the desired result. These supplements have proven their good effectiveness over the years.
  • Avoid overtraining. A large number of workouts does not allow the body to recover quickly, which is also very bad.


To achieve the desired weight in the process of losing weight, to "build" an ideal body, you need to be prepared for hard and fruitful work, which, of course, will bring results, and the figure will acquire a beautiful silhouette. Along with the effect of fat burning, regular performance of the above exercises has a positive effect on health, reduces the risks of many diseases.