Varicose veins and bodybuilding

Varicose veins are called vein disease, in which pressure increases due to a decrease in their lumen. Blood clots “glue” the walls of the veins, and blood flows along a narrower bed. Under the influence of pressure, the walls of the vessels are stretched. Hemorrhages are possible with a sharp change in blood pressure. Most medical sources require training to be restricted.


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Varicose veins and fitness

The usual fitness for maintaining health and slimness of the body, without competitive ambitions, is a load compatible with this disease. Training 3-4 times a week, interspersed with days of rest, feasible cardio, and performing movements for the lower body mainly in exercise machines are quite real tasks for most people.

Varicose veins are mainly women. It is quite difficult for them to build a competent fitness program, since most want to focus their training on the development of legs and buttocks.

A sample plan for women with varicose veins may be:

  • leg presses, in simulators, where the legs are located above the head. This way you will avoid increasing pressure. It is better to work with an average weight in the range of 8-12 repetitions, and avoid peak loads and weights that rise 5-6 repetitions;
  • flexion of the legs in a horizontal simulator. If it seems that the load is quite small, you can try drop sets, or perform this movement with a superset with squats without weight;
  • extension of the legs in the simulator, many do not do them at all, but this exercise helps to give a beautiful shape to the front surface of the thigh;
  • with the simulator for calves, you need to be careful, it is better to do bench press with socks in the simulator for leg press;
  • squats and lunges are allowed with minimal weight or no weight at all, in a small amount

Important: you can follow the general recommendations and get a normal result, but you may encounter increased edema and symptoms of varicose veins. You should carefully approach the training and make changes to it, if there are impairments

Fitness lessons

Many fitness classes are offered for women, but you should not attend group aerobic classes, dances, and a step. There is a large volume of shock and hopping loads. Cycling on vertical bikes is also not recommended. The general recommendation is yoga and Pilates training, dynamic yoga is allowed to get extra cardio load.

Group aerobics can be carried out only in one format - in the pool. Water aerobics is indicated not only to strengthen the heart and muscles, but also to normalize fluid balance. It helps get rid of edema, and reduce blood pressure in the vessels. Swimming also works as a therapeutic load.

Training for men and their features

It is worth avoiding all basic exercises that simultaneously change the pressure in the abdominal cavity and give stress to the legs. Heavy squats, classic and deadlifts are excluded. Inclined pulls with significant weights and pull-ups with a large weight attached to the belt are not recommended. This allows many to ask the question: "How to engage in bodybuilding, and not just fitness"> Cardio and varicose veins

Running on the ground and on the treadmill is excluded. Running creates pressure drops in the vessels, and can cause hemorrhages. Walking along a sloping track is allowed, but it may not be the preferred type of cardio load. The safest are considered to be the rotation of the pedals of a horizontal exercise bike, work with little resistance on the rowing machine, and swimming in various styles. Even with such a limited set of cardio exercises, you can achieve a good result if you control your heart rate during training and do regular exercises.

Stretching exercises must be performed after each workout. This not only improves flexibility and mobility, but also promotes more active blood circulation in small capillaries, and active muscle nutrition.

The diet is compiled for the athlete’s goals, in any case, you need to pay attention to herbs and vegetables in order to get the antioxidants necessary to support good blood circulation.

Varicose veins are not a contraindication to strength training. Choosing adequate exercises, and working out muscles efficiently, you can achieve your goal.

Video "Varicose veins and strength training"