100% Golden Whey by Maxler

Maxler's 100% Golden Whey Whey Protein is a supplement not only for men but also for women. The complex is practically devoid of carbohydrates and fats.

The main action of the product is aimed at enhancing strength indicators, as well as increasing the volume of muscle tissue and fibers. A characteristic feature of protein is the excellent balance between quality, price and effectiveness.

The supplement has a multilateral positive result, but the following impact is of greatest value to athletes:

  • power indicators increase;
  • muscle mass is growing;
  • catabolic manifestations are reduced;
  • recovery processes are accelerated;
  • stamina increases;
  • workouts are much more productive.

Composition 100% Golden Whey

One serving of 100% Golden Whey accounts for 33 grams of the supplement. It contains about 0.1 g of sodium. The ratio of BJU in grams is as follows: 22: 2: 5. Energy value is 130 kcal.

The protein component of the complex is whey protein in the form of a mixture of isolate with concentrate. The additive contains a certain amount of dyes, sweeteners, acidity regulator, flavors, thickeners and corn starch.

How to take 100% Golden Whey

100% Golden Whey is recommended to drink from one to three times a day. The frequency of administration is determined by the individual need for protein. Making a protein shake is easy enough. A portion equal to 33 grams is diluted with low-fat milk or water, taking from 300 to 350 ml.

Drinking a cocktail is best either 60 minutes before training, or immediately after the session. On days free of physical exertion, the supplement is drunk in the morning or between meals.

To get the maximum effect from a protein supplement allows a joint intake with other sports nutrition. If you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer (Maxler), then it is best to use the product with the following drugs, depending on the goals:

  1. To increase the speed of recovery processes after physical training and suppress catabolism, you should additionally use the Amino BCAA complex
  2. If the goal is to get rid of subcutaneous fat while maintaining muscle mass, then you need to take L-Carnitine Caps

There are no contraindications to the use of 100% Colden Whey. This whey protein does not provoke side effects, is absolutely safe for humans, can be taken continuously without interruptions or the need for cycling. Some people have problems with the digestive system, but this happens quite rarely.

100% Golden Whey Reviews

Comments on numerous forums, as well as in online stores that sell whey protein from Maxler, are written in a positive way. The reviewers note the high effectiveness and quality of the supplement, good absorption in the body, as well as affordability. An important advantage for many is the taste of protein.

The product is presented with strawberry flavor, as well as milk chocolate, vanilla ice cream, cookies with cream or peanut butter. Most athletes like chocolate protein, as well as an option that resembles an ice cream. If you listen to the reviews, you should buy kilogram packages with different tastes, because after a month he palls.